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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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If you're just standing there shutting someone down, you pretty much are just being a jerk. Isn't the point to resist just enough that they can feel what they need to feel and in turn you can feel what you need to feel from them to know they're on the right track. As everyone progresses, the level of resistance and the lengths one takes that resistance increases. If you have other (or just one other) like minded people in your dojo, from an aikido standpoint, you've probably got everything you need to have a happy and steady progression towards some real skills all in a completely aikido-centric way.
Obviously not Dan, but my own experience isn't that you're trying to shut people down just to be a dick, but that when you have some frame/IP/whatever and you're used to working with people who also have some frame/IP/whatever and you train with someone who simply doesn't have any and isn't used to working with people who do, they just never actually affect you. It's like they just kind of orbit around you at the point of contact, but there's no impetus to move or be thrown or anything. Conversely, when you go to affect them, there's so little structure behind them, that they simply fold or fall before you feel like you've gotten to do *anything*.

If my partner doesn't have any meaningful frame, I can't tell them how to do a technique against me. All I can do to help them is walk them over to the wall and start developing some frame, thus the solo work.

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