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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Well, I don't necessarily buy into the "just do conditioning" and then "fight" that seems to be indirectly espoused, either. (EDIT: Though I do agree with the "partial vehicle" part - per my "sweet spot" comment) Where I think aikido (or push hands patterns, or grappling drills, or <insert cooperative paired practice>) should fit into the sweet spot is that the senior level person should be able to progressively guide the junior into the correct "shape, feeling and flow" of an action, regardless of which side they are playing on (uke/nage/tori/shidachi/sparring partner).

So having said that, if you have an instructor that thinks nikkyo should be applied by clamping your hand at an angle to their shoulder while they drop their weight on your wrist . . yeah, if you have trained yourself to direct their weight into a balance hole on contact, then when they try to crank - receive their power (in this case applied to your wrist) into your feet and return it (again, into their balance hole, under them, above them, etc.) . . you might stand their while they crank and look at them, going "Really? I give you this and you just want to twist my wrist??" . .

So, it's going to be harder to find a place where you fit in, more than likely . . but I think the model of paired practice is just fine and has it's place, alongside doing the conditioning work by yourself and then having a format to really test it (hard randori, sparring, etc.). Just up to you to do the work, find people that want to train like you do and go from there.

Where that fits into modern and mainstream aikido, probably going to eventually be up to a dojo by dojo case and implementation . .
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