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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Hello Mark
I guess I can agree with most of that-except for aikido being a good vehicle for this. I think aikido is a partial vehicle for this, so is Daito ryu.
Discussions I am having right now almost on a daily basis are with aikido teachers go more or less the same;
On the one hand they are on fire for what this is doing and can potentially do, but even with their skills only just beginning to grow they have to dial back just to do "aikido" with people because it is blowing everyone over and they themselves just stand there and no one can do anything to them. At least one DR person said it was weird going to the dojo, sort of anti-climatic. They stare at the teacher and both know there is nothing he can do to throw them. The double edge sword of IP/aiki is that it is a constant within you and very difficult to shut off.

At some point people are going to realize that this training is the fast ticket to senior level in any aiki based art. If they practice it correctly they will be the 400 lb. gorilla in the room with almost no effort involved. It really isnlt a case of being a jerk. Its a case of almost having to totaly shut off for what they are trying to do to work. At a point Aiki age or kokyu ho or any throw is just not ever going to work on you anymore. Most attempts at kuzushi end up with them kuzushiing themselves. Trouble is, where do you fit-in at that point. Again, its why I thought it best to teach teachers; at least they can set the agenda and let it be practiced. A junior would either get frustrated and leave or get tossed out after being tagged as "uncooperative" for just standing there.


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