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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

Thanks, Peter, I'll look forward to that.

Two small points about the Jigoro Kano succession which Ellis mentioned in passing.

Kodokan presidents:
1st President Jigoro Kano 1882-1938
2nd President Jiro Nango 1938-1946 (nephew of the shihan)
3rd President Risei Kano 1946-1980 (son of the shihan)
4th President Yukimitsu Kano 1980:2009 (grandson of the shihan)
5th President Haruki Uemura 2009- (kudan, World, Olympic and All-Japan Champion)

Jigoro Kano's son Risei and grandson Yukimitsu were figurehead leaders who weren't supposed to have any technical brilliance. So it would never have occurred to anyone to describe them as not enormously skilled.

Now the Kodokan has gone in the other direction (i.e. outside the direct family line) and the president is a famous and technically skilled judoka.

By the way shihan in judo is a title of respect used exclusively for Jigoro Kano.

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