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Re: Tenkan - advanced

advanced tenkan needs advanced attacks for feedback. for example, katate-dori, uke needs to do a few things,
1. hold nage's wrist in-place and punch or kick with the other hand, ...etc
2. pull toward uke for a punch, elbow, knee, head-butt, various judo throws, ...etc
3. push away for a side kick, round house kick, ...etc
4. uke doesn't play dead weight but much more active

once nage and uke keep those attack parameters in-mind, i.e. input energy and intention are higher, then advanced tenkan can be practiced.

nage focus should be disrupting uke's balance, structure, and ability to deliver attacks on contact. one more restriction, nage shouldn't try to get out of the way, at least until nage comfortable in not getting out of the way consistently. after that, nage can get out of the way or not, it's up to nage.
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