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Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
I like that, George. I am probably the least interested in the religious aspect of anyone I know with 30+ years of Aikido experience.

I don't talk about it on the mat at all. If someone asks, I refer to a number of books on various topics and ask them to read them and if they have questions, then come ask me.
I agree with that, I have limited mat time, and I prefer to do it training. On the other hand, I can (and do) read and study on my own time, and I think that it is important to do so, not only to understand the history of what we are doing, but to understand the thinking and reasoning of the people who created these arts. "Bunbu Ichi", if you will.

When I first started training in Aikido most people knew little about the history or the philosophy of the art - and even much of that was either inaccurate or (in some ways) misrepresented. The general level of Aikido knowledge today is much much higher, and I think that's a good thing, for all that it sometimes raises uncomfortable questions.
Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
It doesn't mean I'm not a spiritual person, just that I think Aikido is a complete study without the mystic.
In contrast, here's John Stevens' take on the matter:

"Based on the teachings and inspiration of O'Sensei and Shirata Sensei, I have created a style - I call Classical Aikido. It presents Aikido as a complete system - - with Aikido based meditation, Aikido based kototama chanting, Aikido based book learning, and the classical techniques taught by O'Sensei and Shirata Sensei."

While I don't alway agree with him, I appreciate his point. I wonder what weight people place on study of the more academic/philosophical aspects of the art - either in the dojo or through self-study? For the record, nowhere I train currently teaches such things formally, or even talks about them much during training time, basically I get it through self-study or out of class (or after-class) discussion.



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