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Re: signing a contract

A year committment would be very hard for me to do even though I am passionate about my training. You just never know what curve balls life is going to throw you.

If you love the trainng and think you'll get your money's worth, then don't worry about the contract.

On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable with it, don't feel like you've been suckered into anything. You've spent six weeks there, learned something, made some friends. Sounds like time and money well spent. Nothing is obligating you to sign the 1 year contract.

You might even try talking to the sensei and explaining that while you love his dojo, you're not able to committ to a year. Ask whether he would consider a 3 month or 6 month contract.

Hopefully, he'll be wise enough to realize that 6 months with the possibility of renewal is better than losing you altogether.

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