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Talking Following the leader

If you were the leader of your country (president, primeminister, king or queen etc)
How would you run your country polecy wise and would you tell others about Morihei Ueshiba's teachings, would you encorperate them into your own ruling.

would you stop the trade of arms, would you outlaw certain items or substances, would you make all school children wear shorts instead of pants to denote them as young'un. Would you start mandatory aikido in all schools or the police force, and which styles would you choose?

imagine you could do anything and lemme know.

personaly i'd change the entire country's energy use to green electric (wind, thermal, hydro etc...) and i'd get a major land conservartion going and mega amounts of recycling.
i'd also outlaw diapers so ppl have to use terry nappies (pampers are bio degradable? hah yeah right)


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