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C. David Henderson
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Re: Health Alert: Heatstroke

In 1983 I ran the Honolulu marathon. Temperature was in the 80's (F), it was humid, and the trade winds were not blowing. After around mile 20 I had to keep a sponge from an aid station ever-wet, because I had stopped sweating. (I won't go into the guy who did the race on crutches or the dude who passed me on his skateboard.)

At the finish, I went to the medical tent (a very warm canvas affair) for some asprin. As I sat on a cot, I looked over and startled -- a man's body was lying next to me, face covered. Turns out he stopped at McD's around mile 13, got something to eat, started running again, and died.

Heat. Got to learn to live with it.

David Henderson
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