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Re: Another New Student


Thank you.
Thank you for having doubts about posting this, and having the courage to go ahead and post it anyway.

I was -- I am -- one of the "Freds". I have to be very careful about how I train, and even more careful since surgery. I stayed away from dojo for a couple YEARS because of my own body uncertainties. Now I am just about ready to go back in spite of all this body grinding stone that goes on with me. Not wanting to be touched. Not able to be thrown around. And yet... the little victories, the baby steps, or even just the completions, give confidence and the courage to keep going. In everything.

"Fred" will remember your kindness to him for the rest of his life. He will remember the accomplishment of being able to interact with you, and the care and acceptance you showed him.

Thank you, again.
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