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Re: YouTube: Noro sensei's jo kata

Thank you for your post, Sakumeikan.

My questions is about the position of the stick and sword arts related to body art. In your teaching, the ones you recieved and those you gave, which were at the service of the other or are they independant, autonomous, ou else? Does weapons explain body or body explains weapons? Or ...
I have seen explanation of a movement saying that a sword does this so the movement should follow the way of the sword. On the other hand, the body which recieves the movement does it through a series of joint possibilities and one should follow the logic of the body's abilities.
Are those 2 ways of teaching as popular or is one more often chosen?
I even wonder if the aiming at weapon logic is "stronger" and body logic is softer.

I believe you all have different experiences and logic.

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