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Magma wrote:

The Yudansha does not make the ukemi, the ukemi makes the Yudansha.

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Essentially, however, you are accusing those responsible for granting Dan grades of being blind to what you're saying. A certain level of proficiency is implicit in the grade, or it would not have been granted. For all the validity of the above aphorism, you're making an argument above by constructing a problem that does not exist. If you catch my drift....

I don't need to watch Yudansha take ukemi and assess them before I know I can learn from them. (a task very few of us are equipped to carry out objectively) I'm quite happy to assume,for instance, that a 4th dan has excellent Ukemi.

My point about finding them relates to the fact that most of us can't really tell who's good. Ranking lets us tell where there's an opportunity to train with a good or great teacher. Without ranking we might well be overrun with self-styled and mediocre teachers.

anyhow, now I'm done ranting.
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