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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Modern aikido will *never* produce another Ueshiba, nor is it likely to produce anyone as skilled as the aikido giants. .
Pierre Chassang wrote:
(on 'modern' Aikido)

here are the circumstances in which I heard the term from Master Arikawa in Paris , 1993 while we were talking about Aikido.

I was led during the course of the conversation to use the expression 'Modern Aikido' in order to distinguish Aikido as generally practiced nowadays from that taught by O-sensei.

The conversation took an abrupt turn.

Looking me in the eye, Master Arikawa told me 'Chassang, there is only one Aikido, one only; there cannot be two. Aikido is unique...'Modern Aikido! it makes no sense.'
The conversation contined with Budo Sportif becoming the substitute phrase ...rather like AikidoTM used in this forum (rather more cleverly than I've just used it...).

It would seen that this recognition that 'Aikido' has been somewhat watered down in some quarters is not a recent concept.


(above quote taken from "Ai Ki Do - The Way Forward" by Pierre Chassang - 8th Dan.
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