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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Keith Larman wrote:
Another observation... In most areas of non-trivial difficulty there will always be a very large number of people who never really "get it". Of course they enjoy their practice and get any number of benefits from it. But the group of those who get *really, really good* is often a very small number. It is true of martial arts, sports, heck, pretty much anything.
I find this a helpful reminder to stay humble with it all. Yeah, I'd love to be in the *really, really good* crew, but given my work rate (which may change), I will probably have to settle for less. There is an element of fantasy that I can recognise in myself (who doesn't want Jedi powers?), but people who get super-good at stuff do tend to be quite obsessional. I admire them, but wouldn't necessarily want to be them - they can pay a high price. Still, I'd like to one day make the *really good* gang.

And I'd like to nominate Jon Reading for Quote of the Thread.

As long as you are enlightened, does it matter if you can fight? However, we are now challenging the answer to this question because: A. we are not finding enlightenment, B. We can't fight for s$#%.
Ha ha,
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