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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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I understand the doubt and why you would consider it awesome, but if you really understand IP/ aiki -it is made for MMA/ grappling and should not be unusual. Grappling alone bores the hell out of me anymore without the ability to hit and kick. Same thing with weapons without the ability to freestyle with them. I mean what the hell's the point? Its just trading one more limitation for another when you have inherent power and ability to deliver the whole package.
Well I think you probably relate it to what you do and since I don't do MMA/grappling at this point, finding those connections are more revelatory to me than they would be to someone like yourself or a straight grappler, but you're also a Tengu Dan and I'm just a nub trying to learn. You never know what could change after a few years.

As for IP/aiki in freestyle MMA? I stopped debating those points here anymore. I think the Ki wars poisoned the well and people can never even dream that their arts aiki was good or real enough to be a stand alone power that absolutely kicks-ass wholesale. They have lost confidance and the understanding that what once was the cornerstone of their arts power can be again.
The fluffy philosophy of Aikido is attractive to a lot of people and there's nothing wrong with that. IMO, even if this stuff were a clearly taught part of the art, I don't think you'd have many more people interested in testing it that way than you do now though. Hell, I'm still not convinced that this growing interest in this stuff in the Aikido world is going to amount to much long term anyway. I mean anything that makes aikido better/stronger is a win, even if it's only in the dojo. My own interests are skewing a little beyond that at this point though.
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