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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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Not according to him. He has said in several interviews that Ueshiba did not teach. If I am not mistaken he meant this to be inclusive of his peers as well, not just himself. I believe he stated "The only we got from Ueshiba was, to relax."
He got his ki ideas from "Outside the art."
Getting it outside the art is what some of contemporary senior teachers are doing right now, and all but ignoring the most senior Japanese staff in doing so.
I only meant the taiso. There's vids of Ueshiba doing some parts of what became the taiso. They were a part of his earliest books and vids, all of which were approved by Ueshiba. He had the favor of Ueshiba and there had to be more to that than the numbers of people Tohei brought to the dojo. Regardless of what he may say later, scorned, or what he learned later, he paid attention to what Ueshiba was doing.

You're not going to have much to stand on comparing Tohei's approach to Sagawa's-nor their comparative power. Sagawa was a an I.S. superstar of a sort, but we really don't know what other I.S. "stars" he might have played with to be considered a "superstar" do we? I've a feeling people like Wang Chu Shin would have landed Sagawa on his butt in a hurry.
Wasn't trying to draw comparisons to ability, only the similarity in some of their exercises. There was some overlap there, so there has to be some value in Tohei's exercises. If Ueshiba approved and Sagawa also used some of those things, they both come from the same place, there has to be value. Maybe not full boat skills here, but if we're just talking better aikido, I think so yah.

Still haven't read the book, but isn't there a story of Sagawa and Ueshiba meeting and Ueshiba inviting him to come teach at the Aikikai? That has to say something about the guy.

Hopefully, there will be enough hard workers out there to occasionally set the record straight for any doubters by actually being able to deliver and "keep it real" under more stressful freestyle testing.
No interest in getting hit, but being able to grapple with this stuff would be pretty awesome. It would be hard to not want to go find some judo guys or wrestlers to test it out with.
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