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Re: The Second Coming

Ross Robertson wrote: View Post
Hey Josh,
Great observation. Thank you.

Hi Ross,
Thanks for your post.

Interesting. I think I know what you are saying in your first paragraph. My comment I meant in terms of knowledge and enlightenment of aiki in the world. Accesibility. Sharing. Openness. That sort of thing.

Regarding your second para; I think I intimately understand this archetypal// way of thinking. shifting key signatures. Indeed things are changing very quickly now. I understand there are a multiplicity of models for it. I guess we all do our investigations. I however have come full circle in the matter...and although off topic, and because this is near and very dear to me, I want to be clear. I think you can say what you wrote about the continuity and time-nature.. (i.e. has happened/happens now/ and yet has not happened)..and in a poetic way i think it is true enough, in that each of us falls short of the mark, and that although rare, Christ still can and does miracles, as he chooses, and as it glorifies the Father. I am not sure how (poetically?) he is still being resurrected though, although maybe that could be interpreted as his teachings are still alive on this earth through his faithful disciples (I try but fall so far short myself. no falsehood there). Anyway; I am kind of a simple guy, and I have come roundabout to a more prosaic (meaning: literal) way of interpreting these things, and I am literally looking forward to his literal return. And I spelled it wrong. D'oh. Maranatha.

And thank you too Ross.
I always enjoy your writing. You have a gift; and thank you for sharing.
Josh P.
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