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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

I have seen and trained with people from the Ki Society who were guest at a seminar I went to. I must say that I was not impressed. That is not a slap in the face to Tohei Sensei, but it just goes to show that Ki Aikido has been watered down like the other styles.

Also, I know of a few Iwama style people who can deal with very strong grabs. But then again, Iwama style aikidoka are not the only ones who can deal with strong grabs.

I have a great deal of respect for Tohei Sensei. It is sad to see the state of Aikido nowadays. But rather than let it get to me, I have decided to take advantage of the many avenues we have in order to train my own aikido and to get back as much as possible, many of the aspects of aikido that are missing and have been lost. I have been able to do this by attending many seminars with different Shihans, reading interviews online and using youtube as a valuable tool. I have seen several videos of Tohei Sensei demonstrating his taiso excercises, which I had previously learned. They are invaluable and should be taught at every dojo. They are a great way to learn and improve your tai sabaki. Do you know that many aikidoka don't know what tai sabaki is? And people wonder why their entries are not good.

I also believe that in order to improve your aikido, you have to go back and figure out what is missing. Go to youtube and watch some Daito Ryu videos. Watch the Aiki-ju-jitsu videos and then some Yoshinkan and Saito Sensei videos and you will clearly see what is missing in most Aikido dojos nowadays. This is not the end-all to the problem, but it is a way to jump start what many people see as a serious problem with aikido. But all you can really do is work on YOUR aikido.

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