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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

William Gleason wrote: View Post
Aiki jutsu today seems to be in the same boat as aikido. Its essence has been hidden to the extent that it can no longer even be found. It is not ultimately profitable to pass down the real article because then people don't continue to pay you money forever.
What does he mean by Aikijujutsu?

Is he talking about Daito Ryu?
If so, to play devil's advocate...

DR may have many problems regarding the loss of its "Essence" but I don't think it's due to teachers stringing students along to keep the money rolling in.

In the previous generation of DR teachers (Sagawa, Horikawa, Hisa etc) I can't think of a single full time professional teacher, and in the current generation, apart from Kawabe of the Takumakai, all the "professional" teachers I can think of trained basically like Kato Sensei of the Aikikai, i.e they had full time jobs, trained in their free time (often at great personal expense) and started training/teaching full time after (sometimes early) retirement.

I respect Gleason Sensei's dedication to Aikido and practice, but isn't such a comment a little rich coming from someone who's taught Aikido professionally for the past three decades while "Aikijujtsu" has been essentially maintained and taught by amateurs?
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