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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

I don't know why or how someone would perceive the interview as dated. For many reasons I found it to be spot on, current and ground breaking.
I had dinner with Bill Saturday, and over drinks he not only expressed the same views but expanded on them. Considering where he has been and where he goes; I found his observations and views about Aikijujutsu and Aikido interesting, and spot on. Teachers say a lot of things and have their opinions. What I find interesting about Bill's opinions about aikijujutsu, and aikido and the state of affairs, is where they came from, what formed and continues to form them and what he continues to do in his own training to both investigate, validate and/or change them. And he is not alone.
Asking some senior teachers in Aikido something as simple as "What did you do, where did you go, who did you train with, what rooms did you stand in, in this past year, can result in some surprising answers. I think it is very good news that some seniors in aikido continue to do their research, be creative and remain very concerned with their personal growth and expressing their art.
I think these are interesting times. I can't wait to see what happens in the future with these arts.
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