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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

The problem is O'Sensei's Aikido is splintered. The students of O'Sensei went out and taught their own version of Aikido and then their students went out and taught their own version of Aikido, etc. This continues as more people learn and teach their own version of Aikido.

It is human nature to put your own spin on the things you learn and teach others. It happens in all phases of life.

There is no total group remedy that will bring Aikido back to O'Sensei Aikido.

As an individual you can cross train in as many different styles of Aikido and variations inside those styles by attending many different dojos. Even this will not get you O'Sensei's Aikido but maybe closer.

You are going to have to be satisfied with developing your own Aikido.

After all that is what O'Sensei did.

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