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Paul Crawley
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Cotton Hakama Shrinkage

Although there are already a few discussions re: buying/sizing hakama, I found it difficult to find solid info on how much shrinkage to expect with a new cotton hakama.
So after buying one and washing it a few times, here are my shrinkage measurements that someone might find useful when trying to gauge what size to buy.

The hakama is indigo, #10000 cotton from Iwata. It's a size 26.5 which is supposed to be around 100cm bottom of belt to hem, mine (and my girlfriend's) came in at 104cm. The front belt was extended to 4.5m and arrived at 4.56m.

Length -- 104cm, Belt -- 4.56m

After 1st wash
Length -- 102cm, Belt -- 4.50m

After 2nd wash
Length -- 101cm, Belt -- 4.46m

After 3rd wash
Length -- 101 cm, Belt -- 4.40m

After 4th wash
Length -- 101cm, Belt -- 4.40m

This was from washing in cold water in a bathtub and drip-drying in the shade. It was washed again as soon as it was dry (about a day) and wasn't worn. Incidentally, although there wasn't much/any dye in the water at the 4th wash, there is plenty on my hands and gi after wearing.

Hope that's useful to someone.

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