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Re: The Second Coming

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
hi Ross,
I had thought of it in terms of the '2nd Opening of the Great Stone Door'. The strangest and foggiest notion that O Sensei himself had a vision of it happening...
and as per the actual Second coming?

Hey Josh,

Whether we follow the mythologies closely or not, many of the same questions pertain. Can aikido help us identify the stone door that occludes life and knowledge? If aikido is the dance of the old gods that enticed light out from the cave and restored it to all, how can we know when this is happening? Do we dance for the sake of the dance, or do we check in from time to time to see if the stone door is moving? Is the dance, the door, the light, personal or social or universal?

Myths exist beyond time. They are tales of long ago, but they are happening now and always. Shifting key signatures now, I could say that Christ is still healing, preaching, and performing miracles, Christ is still being betrayed, beaten, and murdered. Christ is still being resurrected. The Second Coming of Christ already happened long before he was born, is happening now, and has yet to happen. All of this occurs in atoms and molecules, in galaxies, and while washing the dishes.

All of this transpires whenever we step onto or off the mat, whether we wake to it or not. Even in our sleep, it's there.

Great observation. Thank you.

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