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Ai symbol Re: Aikido Uniform: Part tradition; part discipline -

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
I attended an open house at a new karate school a few years ago and the Dojo Cho changed uniforms several times during the day, each time selecting a new color and fabric. His Shihan did the same thing with lots of satin, piping, reds and yellows. It didn't ring my bell at all, but they operate a very successful school, with tons of students and great tournament success.

My son runs a BJJ school and he and his students look like NASCAR drivers. Again, lots of students and success.

I still like a nice white gi!
Back in the day I had trained at American style as well as traditional karate dojos. Personally, I liked the American technique (kickboxing) but traditional everything else. In my experience I began (this is the same for Aikido) looking for a school where the dojo was NOT the sensei's main occupation, but rather something done part-time.

This drastically reduced the pressure for testing fees, belt fees, breathing fees, extra stripes on belts one had to test for and yes...... pay a fee for. In essence, a real commercial operation that there are advertisements in martial arts magazines for on how to optimize revenue, make the most dollar--what is each student worth actually-not my cup of tea for the warrior path I guess.
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