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Ai symbol Re: Aikido Uniform: Part tradition; part discipline -

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Hello everyone: Sometimes in Aikido a person can accept something by the sole explanation of tradition and discipline. And there is nothing wrong with it

The issue is that this person I know start teaching Aikido but sometimes he goes dressed as a Ninja; sometimes he wears dogi of such colourful designs!!! Now a good number of his young students are wearing whatever they want to practice. I talk to him trying to make my point on tradition and discipline. He took it well but still wears what he wants.

I talked to him so I feel I did what I had to do. Now, I asked you how do you go about this issue.

Would love to learn your input.


This reminded me of when I first begin in karate (my very first martial art) many years age. One of my peers thought that it was a bright idea to wear a full ninja uniform (complete with Black Belt-uh oh). The senior black belts physically conveyed their displeasure during sparring (American kickboxing style) and he never wore anything but a karate gi again. As a teacher I believe one leads by example and if one is in a more "traditional art" then it seems to come with the territory. I certainly cannot imagine my sensei or Saotome sensei teaching in anything but a Aikido gear myself.
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