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Re: Aikido Uniform: Part tradition; part discipline -

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A uniform does not equal professional. Any idiot can wear one.

I would chose a school with a teacher who had something I wanted to learn regardless of the costume.

Let's be honest here. The meat of a dojo's income is children, and random novice who could of easily of joined the local McDojo down the street.
The people who honestly seek teachers are rare these days. Most are looking to pay for a service, and are more apt to go with whatever is cheaper and closer to their work or home.

I might be in the minority here, but I have a very real investment in the success of my dojo. I have a real motivation to help my instructor's dream of this dojo, and I'm dead set we'll survive this economic slump.
With that said I want potential students to see Aikikai Aikidoka training, not power rangers or ninjas. First impressions are vital to obtaining a student. Past that excellent teaching and a friendly training atmosphere is what will keep students.

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