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Re: more religious issues

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Mary, I think the point Joep made was the female's belief that she should be able to work out with anyone regardless of gender vs. the belief of the male that he can't work out with a female.
Oh. So the conflicting beliefs are as follows:

1)I believe that I am equal to others and should have equal opportunity.
2)I believe that I should be able to join a dojo and then deny opportunity to others.

Got it. Makes all kinds of sense now.

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
There is a "women only" health club just a mile from my house. Should I raise a stink because there aren't any other health clubs closer that I can go to?
Are you trying to draw some kind of parallel? Your analogy fails. A valid analogy would be if you were to go to a mixed-gender health club, demand that it become male-only because you don't like working out with/near/among women, and then raise a stink when the club declines to change its policies.

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