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Re: more religious issues


"Please spare me your convenient "not knowing" what O'Sensei might say about repugnant, cruel and immoral practices. When a person speaks of world peace, having lived through a world war in which vast destruction of places and people throughout the world, I would think that they would be above making exceptions to that belief for a particular group of people."

You're right. I can only conjecture in either case Osensei would have been opposed to it, as he was also opposed to Japan going to war during WW2. Killing people senselessly is not only morally wrong, it is repugnant. I'm glad we both agree in that regard.

As to how and why the 'unarmed' International activist manage to gut an armed and well trained Israeli commando, we can only guess. It would not have happened and we won't be discussing it, had the Israel government allow the humanitarian aid convoy consisting of various countries press, Members of Parliaments and aid workers to pass through. Still they didn't and we live with the consequences. If this thing didn't happen, no one would know about the crippling sanctions forced upon palestinians who die every day from lack of nourishment and proper health care. Preventing aid to get through is tantamount to senseless killings, which we both agree to be morally wrong.

So since we've well deviated from the original post. Allow me to make myself very clear, minus the caps.

1. I'm against hypocrites, who claim to be for justice yet turn a blind eye when evil is being done.

2. I believe we are human beings that deserve respect and kindness from each other, and that given a choice, most of us who are sane would want to live in peace. But given the state of affairs in the environment today, I doubt most human beings are sane.

3. Instead of mincing words, I choose to adopt openness in my dealings with others. I place my trust in them and hope they will honour that trust. Perhaps I have misjudged some people and that trust has been broken, but I would be in error to assume the worst before it has happened. Nevertheless, I fully understand why some people justify preemptive strikes against perceived future threats. Not everyone is willing to risk their health, safety and sanity to prove that human beings are just. Not everyone is born a Ghandi.

4. I don't want to argue for argument's sake. So I won't deviate any further from the original topic. To which I have only this opinion which I've said earlier. If you subscribe to Aikido fully, then you must fully embrace its meaning to be in harmony. Be it the teacher who sets his dojo rules, or the student wishing to learn from that teacher. Each person is different, no one is perfect and no one can hope to make every individual happy. Majority is important as long as it subscribes to the Aiki principle. We can beat the horse to death here, and no answer will make everyone happy. We can only hope that in providing the final solution, the sensei has given weight to his Aikido ideals in making the decision, and not his personal preference or ego. If it was me, I won't go to a dojo where I'm not welcomed or if I don't agree with the way things are done. I won't make a scene or demand for 'justice'. Making mountains out of molehills is just another sign of a diseased mind.

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