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I would disagree with both the above posts. Firstly, you cannot judge the success of one person in a situation as vindicating the effectiveness of a martial art. I have seen a karate instructor get the crap kicked out of him, but I wouldn't consider karate to be rubbish. Also, 'martial arts' exist for different reasons. 'Aikido' was never used on the battle-field, and tai-chi chuan may have originally been for health reasons (though oddly, it has been used on the battle-field vis. the boxer rebellion). Also coepiera is more of a dance form. Both Ueshiba and Shioda were fantastic martial artists. As has been said elsewhere, it's not the martial art, it's the martial artist. Often really simple things are very effective if you practise them constantly. I do believe that the principles underlying aikido can be effective.(sorry if this sounds pedantic!)


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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