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Re: more religious issues

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On a side note (if I'm not wrong and memory serves)... the current president or advisor to Aikikai Indonesia was a direct student of Osensei. He is also a muslim. And he didn't bow to shomen. Osensei did not berate him or throw him out for his 'unbudolike' behaviour...

Say what you will about japanese culture or beliefs or whatever, Osensei understood religion and faith. He did not discriminate against it.

Men... and their zeal...

After WWII, O'Sensei pretty much came and went as he pleased, training when and how he wanted to. His son and some advisers were really in charge of running the dojo. Without the ability to ask him directly about how he would or did interpret and/or feel about someone not bowing to shomen is simply conjecture on our part. When you say that O'Sensei understood religion and faith and did not discriminate against it, what exactly are you basing this statement upon. I would assume that this is simply your assumption.

If those teachers asked that students follow particular rules in order to VOLUNTARILY train at that school, then so be it. The poster talked about what a wonderful school it was! Once again note that it was those people who did not want to abide by the dojo rules who sought to frame the school in a discriminatory manner. Why is it that these religious people seek to impose their standards on everybody else and cry wolf about discrimination when other people do not choose to live by those standards? I frankly have heard nothing to date that describes the teachers as anything less than sincere in leading a wonderful dojo.

The Rabbi of the temple that I use to belong to once asked my why my wife and I trained at a dojo on Friday nights, rather than attend services for the Sabbath. My response was, and remains simple. I go to the dojo to practice what religion preaches yet fails to live up to.

Marc Abrams
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