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Re: more religious issues

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
On a side note (if I'm not wrong and memory serves)... the current president or advisor to Aikikai Indonesia was a direct student of Osensei. He is also a muslim. And he didn't bow to shomen. Osensei did not berate him or throw him out for his 'unbudolike' behaviour...

Say what you will about japanese culture or beliefs or whatever, Osensei understood religion and faith. He did not discriminate against it.

Men... and their zeal...
No one said anything about berating anyone for not bowing to shomen. Or about throwing anyone out. And the original poster mentioned things beyond bowing (bowing I would personally be flexible on). They talked also of refusal to train with students of the opposite gender. Well, if someone wants to come and pay for private lessons in order to have classes done how they like, schedule permitting, I would be fine with that too. But I personally would not alter the schools schedule, essentially excluding one gender from classes solely to accommodate a group that had a problem with contact with the opposite sex. Classes are open to all students. If a student has a problem with who might get on the mat, they can choose to stay off the mat themselves. I would not restrict a student due to someone else's religious views.

My views and my views only...

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