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Re: more religious issues

I don't believe altering your own, widely accepted and appreciated traditions for the sake of not offending one or two people. I'm all for spreading the art, but there is a point where it is ridiculous. If it is against your beliefs to touch women, maybe Aikido should also be against your beliefs...because since it's formation women have been encouraged to train with men and vise versa.

If you don't want to bow, fine, don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. No one will be offended if you don't bow.
But not wanting to be on the same mat with another person based on gender, race or orientation...too far, and very un-Aiki. Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable, including stepping on a mat with women. You know there are women there, you can choose not to step out with them... like you can choose not to bow.

You walk into a dojo fully aware of the rules! I'd be a little peed off if a 7th kyu walked in the door and wanted to change my dojo's training rules just to suit them. That breaches the amount tax that a student has the right to demand of their school.

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