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Re: more religious issues

Oh this as well, there are many Aikido dojos who accept people of different views politically, religiously, gender and culturally. But in general ask people to follow the dojo practices and cultural. You may run into some who will train with you but they hide the fact they don't like your race, religion, or politics. You may run into those who are more honest and open and tell you upfront why they will not train with you. There are other people who have no reservations. Be aware of the fallacy that Aikido is and should be some kind of perfect utopia where one lives in peace and harmony. The fact is we are all people and by nature, discriminatory.

No matter how hard we present other wise, we are discriminatory. Be it the Aikido dojo rejecting based on their beliefs and criteria, or the student who is upset at those dojos and believes there should not be any discrimination against others. The best thing to do, again, is to find a place that fits your criteria. in that way you will be at peace.

My advice is to do what many do, and that is find a place where you fit in best with people like you.

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