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Re: more religious issues

Rabih Shanshiry wrote: View Post
If one is willing to train with others who have phsyical limitations (i.e. Janet's experience with an autistic student), then one should also be a little open to accomodating cultural/religious limitations. I would expect the actual dojo dynamics of having an autistic student in the class to be far more "disruptive" than having someone who feels uncomortable bowing or practicing with the opposite sex.
I am very happy to train with a person who comes in with an open heart and mind, training to the best of his or her abilities.

But I cannot reconcile that with including people who would refuse to train w/ me on the basis of a set of beliefs that are fundamentally at odds with our dojo's culture of inclusion.

I truly think they would be better off creating their own gender-separate dojo, which I would be free to not join.

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