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Re: more religious issues

M.Kanai sensei wrote:
"Therefore, it is said that Rei is the origin and final goal of budo.

Some people may react negatively to this emphasis on etiquette as old-fashioned, conservative, and even feudalistic in some societies, and this is quite understandable. But we must never lose sight of the essence of Rei. Students of Aikido are especially required to appreciate the reason for and the meaning of Reigi-saho, for it becomes an important step towards misogi , which is at the heart of Aikido practice. "
It is very clear, that ppl who are bringing their cultural/religious behavior to the dojo, and trying to impose them to others, are not coming here with pure heart to study aikido. Not only they can't achieve misogi themselves, but they also prevent others to do it. Of course it is the first duty of instructor to create environment in the dojo that promotes achievement of misogi. In that context, such impure hearts can choose other activities.


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