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Got tired of seeing " Aikido Work?" Read this pls.

Sometimes it is really frustrating to see some threads doubting the efficiency of Aikido. Maybe there is something wrong with the way they practice or the way they were taught or simply because they have not reached the level of truly understanding the art.

Gozo Shioda an MA practioner himself on his visit to O'Sensei was not convinced of the "fluid motion" of Aikido. O'Sensei sensing this ask Gozo to attack him. Gozo kicked and before he knew it he is way down there.

Well anyway stories like that does not hold much to us now. Both people are dead and this can no longer be confirmed.

Allow me to share a true story.

From one of the Philippine Dailies:

"The robber pulled out a knife and lunged at Parsons. The action star parried the knife, grabbed it and slit the throat of the robber, killing him instantly."

The Actor mentioned traded shots first with the fleeing robbers. When they run our of bullets one of them attacked him with a knife. During a TV interview he said " I USE MY AIKIDO TRAINING TO PARRY AND TOOK THE KNIFE FROM HIM". While demonstrating it in front of the TV Camera, he performed a GOKYO.

For a complete story:
Page 1

Page 2

Hope this helps those who doubt. BTW some guys may shoot back and say things like he is not a real AIKIDOKA when he killed the robbers. Please don't. This thread is not for that.

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