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Keith Larman
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Re: more religious issues

I have to add to the chorus. I read the original poster saying...

...based on certain parts of training that they can't do per religious order (bowing, training with the opposit gender, etc).
So let me get this straight. They are choosing not to train because part of the training is against their perceived religious convictions which prohibit interaction with other genders. So it is discriminatory to *not* to let them discriminate against other genders?

Ouch, I think I pulled a frontal lobe...

Seriously, I can be very flexible about a lot of things. However, sometimes the issue of entitlement can really be a hot button issue for me. Are these same groups boycotting all the local businesses, restaurants, social clubs, etc. that allow genders to interact? I sure hope the movie theaters keep women separate too. What about the public schools -- can't have the women in the same classes with men -- think of the chaos that could ensue! And surely there are no female teachers teaching male students. Oh, and the public pools... And... And...

No. They cannot train in that dojo because their religion prevents them. No one has to alter their work, training, or beliefs to accommodate yours or anyone else's. It's their problem. No one else.

If someone wants to start a training class for those who have particular requirements and restrictions, more power to them. And I'd support them 110% in doing it however they want to. And I would respect them enough *not* to insist on sitting in on the women's classes. And I would respect them enough to try to act properly in their context. I have friends from a variety of religious backgrounds. When I walk into their house I do my level best to abide by their rules, their customs and their habits. I'm sure they also compromise many things and "overlook" many of my bad habits and obviously poor upbringing. But I still do my level best to respect their right in *their own freaking house* to live how they see fit.

Step through the door to someone else's house and you need to simply... Deal with it. Or don't go in. Doors are cool that way -- they open allowing you to move in *both* directions. Or not go in at all.

And heck, even if the sensei is being unreasonable and I found that I wouldn't agree with him or her, well, it is still their place. I won't protest -- I will just go somewhere else.

Come to my house and want to play with my toys? Well, guess what? My house, my toys, my rules.

In my personal religion I am required to sacrifice a live, baby seal in someone else's living room. Gonna invite me in?

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