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Marc Abrams
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Re: more religious issues

This wonderful dojo asks that people display a common sign of respect for partaking in some aspect of an Asian culture. This wonderful dojo asks people to train together regardless of gender. Seems to me like this wonderful dojo is not discriminating against anyone. The people who choose not to train in a manner that everybody else is training in should not be allowed to take away from the training experiences of others.

I frankly am a little sick and tired of people who want to be able to do exactly as they please regardless of the circumstances. I do not care of it is in the name of religion or any other reason for that matter. What do they say, "when in Rome..."

If you are enjoying training in this wonderful dojo, enjoy the training. I am sure that the people who are "banned" would only take away from the wonderful atmosphere that you train in.

Marc Abrams
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