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Re: Back injury and starting aikido?

I'd observe a typical class first, then get a doctor's opinion. Story time here -- I had cataract surgery in one eye several years back. The surgery went well, and the next day when I went for my followup, the doctor told me that I could resume "all your normal physical activity."

My first thought was, "Yay! I can take class tomorrow!"

My second thought was, "Wait, when this guy says 'all your normal physical activities', does he have any idea what we do in aikido?"

So I described some typical activities to him and watched the horrified look cross his face. Turns out that in order to do that kind of "normal physical activity", I would have to wait a few more weeks

So, at the risk of hearing an answer that you don't want to hear, go and watch a class. Talk to the sensei and ask if you and your partner can participate on a "what I can do" basis; then, before you start training, go back to your doctor and describe the activities in detail. It's often very hard to get a GP to give you any but the most conservative advice, and because of that tendency, it can be really tempting to ditch their advice altogether. Sometimes that's what you have to do. But do try your very best to get qualified medical advice before you attempt activity -- and when you do, accept the answer that you get. And have patience -- that's very easy to say to an injured person, I know, but it really is the only way.

Best of luck,
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