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don't think of jumping in or out - otherwise the opponent is leading you. As with weapon work, if they move in, you can move back and to the side, if they move back you can move in and to the side. If you want to strike a final blow, you can move in and close the distance.

With unarmed, if they are rushing towards you, you move back slightly and to the side; if they are moving back, you move forwards and to the side. You keep the space open in front of you & don't let them enter it. This space is maintained by movement, extension and atemis. The exception is when uke is not facing you, in this case you can allow them into you space for a finishing throw (i.e. irimi-nage, kokyu-nage etc).

The reason you don't keep running backwards is that you have moved to the side, just as in weapon work - if they are turning to face you, you have the circular movement, otherwise you can enter and throw.


P.S. see Tora no Maki thread (voices of experience) i.e. 5+5=10 etc. This is what blending is all about.

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