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Re: YouTube: Noro sensei's jo kata

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Philippe I have answered your questions within your post in Italic's.

Thank you for your kind comment, appreciated.

Not too many questions lol.....I am pleased now that I wrote the article " The Budo Masters " otherwise that would take some time to answer.

Henry Ellis
In respect of early Ken/Jo work the main influence in the U.K was Chiba Sensei.I met Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and I only saw him doing Body Art.
Later I saw both Noro Sensei and Tamura Sensei again each demonstrated body art.
In the 70s Chiba Sensei invited many Japanese instructors to the U.K.Among these were Yamaguchi Sense [ who sometimes used basic sword related movements to illustrate his body art.Another Sensei was Sekiya Sensei who was a master Kashima Shin Ryu swordmanship and also well versed in Naginata.
Sekiya Sensei spent quite some time in the U.K and he
was very popular .He had a wonderful soft, gentle yet powerful method of doing Aikido.
Later Chiba Sensei invited Saito Sensei to Britain and of course Saito Sensei demonstrated aspects of both Ken /Jo waza.
Each time I met these masters and others I was presented with different methods of doing our Art .On the one hand you had powerful Waza [Chiba Sensei /Kanai Sensei]and on the other hand you had a softer yet still powerful style from Kitaura Sensei, Sekiya Sensei, Yamaguchi Sensei.Large body movements like Yamada Sensei and very tight short movements from Tamura Sensei.
All in all it was very exciting and made you sharpen your eyes and be aware of things.
Nearly 30 years on I can still remember each class as if it were yesterday.
Overall I think that this mixture of soft /strong made a great impact on my own perception of Aikido.I realised that there is more than one way to skin a cat and with my own advanced years I have to find a method of getting maximum efficiency with minimal effort in my own Aikido.Still not quite got there [but stiil trying!!]
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