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Re: YouTube: Noro sensei's jo kata

I thank you for sharing those memories. I have looked at the Ellis dojos websites and I have a few questions:
  1. You have a tree for all those who have been involved with British Aikido. I would like to know what you recieved from each master.
  2. As you pointed out, how did you manage to combine the gifts of each without ruining the unity of the teaching?
  3. I see you have number forms as there is in Noro sensei's art today (not quite the same order but quite close). Who set that way of doing?
  4. Noro sensei 's approach for beginners starts now quite slow and then moves to faster techniques without one being more important than the other. How was it in those days? Was everything fast or was there a mix of slow and fast?
  5. What did the Judo background give you that was not stressed in the work of those who had only Aikido background?
  6. As with Noro sensei's Jo kata, did you feel the necessity of kata and what do you think of a teaching without kata?
I hope these questions are not too many!!!

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