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Re: How many dogi do you have?

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
Found a couple sites with women's gi.

Century: (they have a 10 and an 8 oz)

And this random site, though you get a big red s on the sleeve...
Dragon international makes a dogi specifically designed for women in their Juka series. They are karate dogi: Juka Diamond. Not sure if they make judo style dogi for women...but maybe they do. They are one of the high quality organizations that haven't drastically raised their prices because their name isn't as popular as Mizuno or Tokaido. I have only used their tournament cut karate dogi (Juka Bronze) and it held up for about 6 years or so....mostly used if for karate, but it was also a year-round backup dogi for judo and aikido, as well as my go-to summer uwagi for aikido. Not bad for a lightweight. Anyway, I am sure their female-specific cut dogi is just as well put together.

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