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Re: Japanese lessons for your trip to Hombu

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You know, I'd like to see a progressive Japanese lesson wherein the visiting foreigner successfully uses Japanese to woo a Japanese native. That's useful stuff, never properly taught. And it'd be so simple, too! The foreigner says, "XX-san no koto, suki desu. Tsukiatte kudasai. And the Japanese person could reply, "Watashi mo (boku mo), OO-san koto ga suki desu. Onegasi-shimasu," or the worst case scenario, "Gomen-nasai. Tomodachi de imashou." But, it's always like this lesson: the foreigner kinda likes some Japanese person, but they never actually take the plunge, and the trip ends with them going home, vaguely unfulfilled. At least this lesson does teach other useful stuff, like asking for someone's phone number, and inviting someone out for a meal. On the other hand, it also includes a major gut-punch: Leo goes through all this trouble picking out a present and getting it wrapped for this girl he likes, and when she gets off the phone, she says, "Sorry, that was my boyfriend." Ouch! If only Leo had learned the useful "Kareshi imasu ka?"
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