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Re: Anger, when is it appropriate

This is a very interesting idea for a thread and a very thoughtful post. Thank you very much.

As aikidoka we try to remain calm and centred in the face of anything and anyone the world can throw at us (and do you remember the story in a recent thread about spitting in Bruce Lee's face to make him forget in an instant of anger all his years of training?).

I disagree with Mark in fact. I think anger should be focussed and cool and should be allied to a sense of justice. So not at all like a passing thunderstorm. But without Mark's contribution I wouldn't have seen the original post so thank you too, Mark.

It is a rather personal subject for me today. Last Thursday a teacher at my son's school became angry (gekido in Japanese - yet another word for anger) and hit him in the face with a shoe.

So as parents (after disbelief!) we became angry. But our anger will be calm and controlled and will be directed at getting justice and protecting children in the future. Not revenge.

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