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Steven Miranda (Steven) wrote:
In Aikido Shugyo, Gozo Shioda states, at that time, that after 50 years and serving a long time at O'Sensei's side, he still ended up indiffernet to the religious aspects of Aikido. He goes as far to say he is an atheist. Yet O'Sensei had great trust in him despite this.
Interestingly, one of the things that struck me about both "Aikido Shugyo" and "Aikido Jinsei" was that, if you stripped away the religious imagery from Ueshiba's writings, he and M. Ueshiba were both saying pretty much the same things.
Steven Miranda (Steven) wrote:
Not sure how this relates to this topic .. but thought I'd chime in. Didn't want Chris and Chuck thinking they were all alone.



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