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Re: The purpose of Aikido?

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David Board wrote:

Stop reading those magazines! lol! okay I admit it, I have the latest copy of BB sitting on my night stand. To me BB magazine is the equivalent of reading a tabloid, but with a more sophisticate front. Most of the articles in there are from guys that have created a "Self Licking Ice Cream Cone". That is, they write these articles and scratch each others backs in order to self publicize. Lately, they have started covering down on the whole MMA thing as those magazines are selling like hot cakes and yeah occassionally you find something worth reading, but for the most part, I find BB to be basically Martial Porn.
I only followed the link from Aikido journal honest!! But thanks for the warning. I remember picking up BB back in Jr. High. The only magazine we get at my house is the Yoga Journal. Two subscriptions even. One I got free for buying my wife a gift (you get a free subscription to YJ with your purchase) and the other my wife's subscription.

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