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Re: Control in the martial arts.

Dan Harden wrote:
"There are too many to cover well, but Major ones IMO:

Hip driven power (easy to read in fighting and the basis for most throws)
Tight groin and hips (see above)
Not understanding central axis and how it supports itself in unified movement
Turning from the hips (although it is used in ICMA and many of the new JMA as well)"

The tight groin and hips is one of my problems and something i have tried in vain to sort out. Though i have noticed that by practising Hong Junsheng's foundation work my hips feel like they are being stretched. Though frankly at this moment i am not sure if this is a the hips opening up or creating more tension in them. This is also a problem i have when wanting to issue force, a couple of days ago my teacher had me place my hands on his chest and then asked me to issue force. I found that the more i though about it the less i was able to do it, where as if he suddenly put pressure on me then i was able to bounce it back. The problem was after some time he said "That's good! Now do it on someone else!" As soon as another person was standing in front of me my mind froze up again and it was back to square one. Issuing and turning the hara/dan tian is really becoming a problem for me.

In terms of moving from the central axis does this clip give an indication of what you are talking about? Though the clip isn't so clear as people get in the way. In between people touching him (Li Chugong), you can see him showing some movement.

"Tucking the sacrum (personal opinion, I think it is leaves the body vulnerable and there is a better way) "

This is interesting as the majority of ICMA say to do this. Though my own teacher says not to do this as it will creat tension in the groin. Instead he says we should simply allow it relax down.

"Letting power into your structure at contact points then training to physically move your whole body around it, as well as letting power in and then...tying to manipulate it after. While these are more of a "use" issue, there is a conditioning method to change how you manage force, so I would place it as a structural weakness or vulnerability for a lot of people as they just could not switch over by choice."

Again this is something i tend to do. When someone pushes on me i try to channel the power down to the opposite side and then bring it back up, which i feel is slow and inefficient. When you say "there is a conditioning method to change how you manage force" in what way does this management of force differ to the one mentioned above?


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