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Re: The purpose of Aikido?

David Board wrote:

I should keep my mouth shut as a true beginner in Aikido but I found it interesting that this thread and an article about Bernie Lau from Blackbelt magazine posted on the Aikido Journal followed each other so closely. Since many of the sentiments seemed to be similar I tracked down the date just to investigate how long this "problem" in Aikido has been around. The article was from 1986 and the disillusionment of Lau was in the early 70's.
Stop reading those magazines! lol! okay I admit it, I have the latest copy of BB sitting on my night stand. To me BB magazine is the equivalent of reading a tabloid, but with a more sophisticate front. Most of the articles in there are from guys that have created a "Self Licking Ice Cream Cone". That is, they write these articles and scratch each others backs in order to self publicize. Lately, they have started covering down on the whole MMA thing as those magazines are selling like hot cakes and yeah occassionally you find something worth reading, but for the most part, I find BB to be basically Martial Porn.

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