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Re: YouTube: Noro sensei's jo kata

No there were no Jo Kata as such with either Nakazono Sensei or Noro Sensei just as you say various techniques were applied by the Jo..........
Re: the video of Nakazono Sensei.
I was not sure of the techniques name, I sent an email to Jei Nakazono who is Sensei's second son with whom I am in regular contact. Here is his reply to your question.
``` Henry,
That koshinage did not have an aikido name. Like you said, it was a judo application in aikido move.
The last one is what became the sumiotoshi in today's aikido, but then (1960s') it had no name.

As I said in an earlier post somewhere ? In the early days there were few names if any to the techniques.
I never remember Kenshiro Abbe using any technique names, simply taught by indication and the word ``necessary this `` ~ `` necessary that `` and a whack with the shinai to help with the language problem.

Henry Ellis

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